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The Fallen Angels (USA)
The Fallen Angels (USA)

The Fallen Angels (USA)


Группа The Fallen Angels из Washington D.C. (USA) была организована в 1965. Изначально назывались The Disciples, затем The Uncalled Four, и лишь позже взяли название The Fallen Angels.

Jack BRYANT • bass, vocals (ABCD)
Howard DANCHIK • keyboards, flute (ABCD)
Wally COOK • guitar (ABCD)
Ned DAVIS • drums (A)
Jack LAURITSEN • guitar, sitar, vibes (ABCD)
Rocky ISSAC • drums (B)
Richard KUMER • drums (C): The Mad Hatters
John "Thumper" MOLLOY • drums (D)

Everytime I Fall In Love / I Have Found (Laurie) 1966
Have You Ever Lost A Love? / A Little Love From You Will Do (Laurie) 1966
Room At The Top / Your Friends Here In Dunderville (Roulette) 1967
Hello Girl / Most Children (Roulette) 1967
Room At The Top / Most Childen Do (Philco) 1968
Everything Would Be Fine / Hid And Found (Sun Dream) 1974

1. (C) FALLEN ANGELS (Roulette) 1967
2. (D) IT'S A LONG WAY DOWN (Roulette) 1968

The Fallen Angels / FALLEN ANGELS (Roulette) 1967 The Fallen Angels / IT'S A LONG WAY DOWN (Roulette) 1968

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