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The Buckinghams (USA)
The Buckinghams (USA)

The Buckinghams (USA)


Группа начинала в Chicago (USA) в 1964-м году, как The Pulsations, затем названия менялись на: The Falling Pebbles и The Centuries и лишь позже на The Buckinghams.

Nick FORTUNE • bass (ABC)
Carl GIAMARESE • guitar, vocals (ABC)
Dennis MICCOLIS • organ (A)
Jon-Jon POULOS • drums (AB)
Dennis TUFANO • guitar, vocals (ABC)
Marty GREBB • keyboards, horns (B): The Exception (s) / Dick Campbell

Sweets For My Sweet / Beginner's Love (Spectra-Sound) 1965
I'll Go Crazy / Don't Want To Cry (USA) 1966
I Call Your Name / Makin' Up And Breakin' Up (USA) 1966
I've Been Wrong / Love Ain't Enough (USA) 1966
Kind Of A Drag / You Make Me Feel So Good (USA) 1966
Laudy Miss Claudy / I Call Your Name (USA) 1967
Summertime / Don't Want To Cry (USA) 1967
Don't You Care / Why Don't You Love Me (PS) (Columbia) 1967
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy / You Are Gone (PS) (Columbia) 1967
Hey Baby (They're Playing Our Song) / And Our Love (PS) (Columbia) 1967
Susan / Foreign Policy (PS) (Columbia) 1967
Back In Love Again / You Misunderstand Me (PS) (Columbia) 1968
Where Did You Come From? / Song Of The Breeze (PS) (Columbia) 1968
This Is How Much I Love You / Can't Find The Words (PS) (Columbia) 1969
It's A Beautiful Day (For Loving) / Difference Of Opinion (PS) (Columbia) 1969
I Got A Feelin' / It Took Forever (PS) (Columbia) 1970

1. KIND OF A DRAG (USA) 1967
2. TIME AND CHANGES (Columbia) 1967
3. PORTRAITS (Columbia) 1968

The Buckinghams / KIND OF A DRAG (USA) 1967 The Buckinghams / TIME AND CHANGES (Columbia) 1967 The Buckinghams / PORTRAITS (Columbia) 1968 The Buckinghams / IN ONE EAR AND GONE TOMORROW (Columbia) 1968

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