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The Barbarians (USA)
The Barbarians (USA)

The Barbarians (USA)


Группа The Barbarians из Provincetown, Massachusetts (USA).
В большинстве своем исполняли известные кавер-версии.

Bruce BENSON • guitar: Black Pearl
Jerry CAUSI • bass: Black Pearl
Jeff MORRIS • guitar: Black Pearl
Victor "Moulty" MOULTON • drums, vocals

You've Got To Understand / Hey Little Bird (Joy) 1964
Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl? / Take It Or Leave It (Laurie) 1965
What The New Breed Say / Susie Q (Laurie) 1965
Moulty / I'll Keep On Seeing You (Laurie) 1966

1. THE BARBARIANS (Laurie) 1965

The Barbarians / THE BARBARIANS (Laurie) 1965

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