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Stoneground (USA)
Stoneground (USA)

Stoneground (USA)

blues rock

Блюзовая команда Stoneground из Concord, California (USA).

Tim BARNES • guitar, vocals (ABC)
Luther BILDT • guitar, vocals (A)
John BLAKELY • guitar, bass (ABC)
Michael MAU • drums (AB)
Mario CIPOLLINA • keyboards, bass (B)
Alan FITZGERALD • bass (B)
Lynne HUGHES • vocals (BC)
Diedre LAPORTE • vocals (BC)
Lydia PHILLIPS • vocals (BC): Indian Puddin and Pipe
Annie SAMPSON • vocals (BC)
Pete SEARS • keyboards, bass (B): Silver Metre
Sal VALENTINO • percussion, guitar, vocals (BC): Sal Valentino / The Beau Brummels
Brian GODULA • bass (C)
Cory LEROIS • keyboards (C)
Steve PRICE • drums (C)

Queen Sweet Dreams / Total Destruction (Warner Bros) 1971
Looking For You / Added Attraction (Come And See Me) (Warner Bros) 1971
You Must Be One Of Us / Corrina, Corrina (Warner Bros) 1971
Passion Flower / Super Clown (Warner Bros) 1972

1. (A) STONEGROUND (Warner Bros) 1971
2. (B) FAMILY ALBUM (dbl) (Warner Bros) 1971
3. (C) STONEGROUND THREE (Warner Bros) 1972

Stoneground / STONEGROUND (Warner Bros) 1971 Stoneground / FAMILY ALBUM (Warner Bros) 1971 Stoneground / STONEGROUND THREE (Warner Bros) 1972

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