Изначально группа была сформирована, как The Valiants в Gables, Florida (USA), затем сменила в 1967-м году название на The Mojo Men и перебазировалась в San Francisco.

Jimmy ALAIMO • bass, vocals (ABC)
Paul CURICO • guitar (ABC)
Jan ERRICO • drums, vocals (ABC): The Vejtables
Don METCHIK • organ (AB)
Sly STONE • keyboards, guitar, vocals (A): Sly And The Family Stone


Off The Hook / Mama's Little Baby (Autumn ) 1965
Dance With Me / Loneliest Boy In Town (Autumn ) 1965
She's My Baby / Fire In My Hean (Reprise) 1966
She's My Baby / Do The Hanky Panky (Reprise) 1966
Sit Down, I Think I Love You / Don't Leave Me (Reprise) 1967
Me About You / When You're In Love (Reprise) 1967
What Ever Happened To Happy / Make You At Home (Reprise) 1967
New York City / Not Too Old To Start Cryin' (Reprise) 1968
Should I Cry / You To Me (Reprise) 1968
Sit Down, I Think I Love You / Me About You (reissue) (Reprise) 1968
Don't Be Cruel / Let It Be Him (Reprise) 1968
I Can't Let Go / Flower Of Love (GRT) 1969
Candle To Burn / Make You At Home (GRT) 1969
Everyday Love / There Goes My Mind (GRT) 1969

1. MOJO MAGIC (GRT) 1968

The Mojo Men / MOJO MAGIC (GRT) 1968

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