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The Mindbenders (UK)
The Mindbenders (UK)

The Mindbenders (UK)


Группа The Mindbenders была образована в 1965-ом году в Manchester (UK). Изначально была backing группой Wayne Fontana.

Mike EVANS • bass: The Action /Habibiyya
Alan KING • vocals, guitar: The Action / Ace
Roger POWELL • drums: The Action
Pete WATSON • guitar: The Action /Habibiyya
Ian WHITEMAN • woodwind: The Action / Habibiyya / The Bunch
Martin STONE • guitar: The Action / Chilli Willi and The Red Hot Peppers

A Groovy Kind Of Love / Love Is Good (Fontana) 1965
Can't Live With You, Can't Live Without You / One Fine Day (Fontana) 1966
Ashes To Ashes / You Don't Know About Love (Fontana) 1966
I Want Her, She Wants Me / The Morning After (Fontana) 1966
We'll Talk About It Tomorrow / Far Across Town (Fontana) 1967
The Letter / My New Day And Age (Fontana) 1967
Schoolgirl / Coming Back (Fontana) 1967
Blessed Are The Lonely / Yellow Brick Road (Fontana) 1968
Uncle Joe, The Ice Cream Man/The Man Who Loved Trees (Fontana) 1968

1. THE MINDBENDERS (Fontana) 1966
2. WITH WOMAN IN MIND (Fontana) 1967

The Mindbenders / THE MINDBENDERS (Fontana) 1966 The Mindbenders / WITH WOMAN IN MIND (Fontana) 1967

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