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The Cryan' Shames (USA)
The Cryan' Shames (USA)

The Cryan’ Shames (USA)


The Cryan' Shames - группа из Hinsdale, Illinois (USA).

Dennis CONROY • drums (ABC)
Tom DOODY (Toad) • vocals (ABCD)
Jim FAIRS • guitar (ABC)
Jim PILSTER (j.c. Hooke) • drums, tamb, vocals (ABCD)
Dave PURPLE (Grape) • bass, keybords (A)
Gerry STONE (Stonehenge) • guitar (AB)
Lenny KERLEY • bass, vocals (BCD)
Isaac GUILLORY • guitar, vocals (CD)
Dave CARTER • guitar (B): Saturday's Children
Al DAWSON • drums (D)

Sugar And Spice / Ben Franklin's Almanac (Destination) 1966
I Wanna Meet You / We Could Be Happy (Columbia) 1966
Mr. Unreliable / Georgia (Columbia) 1967
It Could Be We Are In Love / I Was Lonely When (PS) (Columbia) 1967
Up On The Roof / Sailing Ship (Columbia) 1968
Young Birds Fly / Sunshine Psalm (Columbia) 1968
Greenberg, Glickstein, Charles, David Smith & Jones / The Warm (Columbia) 1968
First Train To California / A Masters Fool (Columbia) 1969
Rainmaker /B its And Pieces (Columbia) 1969

1. (A) SUGAR AND SPICE (Columbia) 1966
2. (C) A SCRATCH IN THE SKY (Columbia) 1967
3. (D) SYNTHESIS (Columbia) 1968

The Cryan Shames / SUGAR AND SPICE (Columbia) 1966 The Cryan Shames / A SCRATCH IN THE SKY (Columbia) 1967 The Cryan Shames / SYNTHESIS (Columbia) 1968

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