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Crowfoot (USA)
Crowfoot (USA)

Crowfoot (USA)


Crowfoot - группа из San Francisco (USA).

Russell DaSHIELL • guitar, vocals, keyboards, bass (AB): William Truckaway (solo)
Rick JAEGER • drums (A): A.B. Skhy
Don FRANCISCO • drums, perc, vocals (B): Atlee / Highway Robbery
Sam McCUE • guitar, vocals (B): Atlee Yeager

California Rock'N Roll / Maybe I Can Learn To Live (Paramount) 1970
Groove Along / Love Is Everywhere (Paramount) 1971
Travel In Time / We're Doin' It Wrong (ABC) 1971

1. (A) CROWFOOT (Paramount) 1970
2. (B) FIND THE SUN (ABC) 1971

Crowfoot / CROWFOOT (Paramount) 1970 Crowfoot / FIND THE SUN (ABC) 1971

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