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Ace (UK)
Ace (UK)


pop / soft rock

Группа Ace была сформирована бывшим членом The Action - Alan 'Bam' King в декабре 1972-го года.

Paul CARRACK • keyboards, vocals (ABCD): Warm Dust
Tex COMER • bass, vocals (ABCD): Warm Dust
Phil HARRIS • guitar, vocals (ABC)
Alan 'Bam' KING • guitar, vocals (ABCD): The Action / Mighty Baby
Steve WITHERINGTON • drums (A)
Chico GREENWOOD • drums (B)
Fran BYRNE • drums (CD)
Jon WOODHEAD • guitar, vocals (D)

How Long / Sniffin' About (Anchor) 1974
I Ain't Gonna Stand For This / Rock And Roll Runaway (Anchor) 1975
No Future In Your Eyes / I'm A Man (Anchor) 1975

1. (C) FIVE ASIDE (Anchor) 1974
2. (C) TIME FOR ANOTHER (Anchor) 1975
3. (D) NO STRINGS (Anchor) 1977

Ace / FIVE ASIDE (Anchor) 1974 Ace / TIME FOR ANOTHER (Anchor) 1975

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