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The Rockin' Berries (UK)
The Rockin' Berries (UK)

The Rockin’ Berries (UK)


The Rockin' Berries были сформированы в Birmingham (UK) в 1961. В течение следующих двух лет большую часть провели в Germany.

Roy AUSTIN • bass
Terry BOND • drums
Chuck BOTFIELD • guitar, vocals
Chris LEA • vocal
Geoff TURTON • guitar, vocals

Wah Wah Woo /Rockin' Berry Stomp (Decca) 1963
Itty Bitty Pieces / The Twitch (Decca) 1963
I Didn't Mean To Hurt You / You'd Better Come Home (Piccadilly) 1964
He's In Town / Flashback (Piccadilly) 1964
What In The World's Come Over You / You Don't Know What To Do (Piccadilly) 1964
Poor Man's Son / Follow Me (Piccadilly) 1965
You're My Girl / Brother Bill (Piccadilly) 1965
The Water Is Over My Head / Doesn't Time Fly (Piccadilly) 1965
I Could Make You Fall In Love / Land Of Love (Piccadilly) 1966
Midnight Mary / Money Grows On Trees (Piccadilly) 1966
Sometimes / Needs To Be (Piccadilly) 1967
Smiles / Breakfast At Sam's (Piccadilly) 1967
Dawn (Go Away) / She's Not Like Any Girl (Pye) 1967
When I Reach The Top / Pain (Pye) 1968
Mr. Blue / Land Of Love (Pye) 1968

I Didn't Mean To Hurt You (Piccadilly) 1965
New From The Berries (Piccadilly) 1965
Happy To Be Blue (Piccadilly) 1965

1. IN TOWN (Piccadilly) 1964
2. LIFE IS JUST A BOWL OF BERRIES (Piccadilly) 1965

The Rockin' Berries / IN TOWN (Piccadilly) 1965 The Rockin' Berries / LIFE IS JUST A BOWL OF BERRIES (Piccadilly) 1965

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