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Zephyr была сформирована в Boulder, Colorado (USA) в 1968-м году.

Tommy BOLIN • vocals, guitar (AB): James Gang / Billy Cobham / Tommy Bolin (solo) / Alphonse Mouzon / Moxy / Deep Purple
Robbie CHAMERLAIN • drums (A)
John FARIS • vocals, sax, keyboards (AB) • Us Too
Candy GIVENS • vocals, keyboards, harmonica (ABC)
David GIVENS • bass, vocals (ABC)
Bobby BERGE • drums, percussion (B)
John ALFONSE • concertina (C)
Jock BARTLEY • guitar (C)
Dan SMYTH • keyboards (C)
P.M. WOOTEN • drums (C)


Cross The River / Sail On (Probe) 1970
Going Back To Colorado / Radio Song (Warner Bros) 1970
High Flying Bird / Sierra Cowgirl (Warner Bros) 1972

1. (A) ZEPHYR (Probe) 1969
2. (B) GOING BACK TO COLORADO (Warner Bros) 1971
3. (C) SUNSET RIDE (Warner Bros) 1972

Zephyr / ZEPHYR (Probe) 1969 Zephyr / GOING BACK TO COLORADO (Warner Bros) 1971 Zephyr / SUNSET RIDE (Warner Bros) 1972

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