1. Free
"Wishing Well"
2. King Crimson
"Book Of Saturday"
3. Black Sabbath
"Sabbath Bloody Sabbath"
4. Curtiss Maldoon
"You Were A Friend"
5. Camel
"Slow Yourself Down"
6. Cockney Rebel
7. Emerson, Lake and Palmer
"Still...You Turn Me On"
8. Spooky Tooth
"Ocean Of Power"
9. If
"Pebbles On The Beach"
10. Peggy's Leg
"Think For Yourself"
11. Electric Light Orchestra
12. Thin Lizzy
"Little Girl In Bloom"
1. Ike & Tina Turner
"Nutbush City Limits"
2. James Gang
3. The Doobie Brothers
"Long Train Runnin'"
4. Stevie Wonder
"All In Love Is Fair"
5. Alice Cooper
"No More Mr. Nice Guy"
6. Aerosmith
"Dream On"
7. Captain Beyond
"Starglow Energy"
8. ZZ Top
9. Bloodrock
"Stilled By Whirlwind"
10. Eagles
"Doolin Dalton"
11. Grand Funk
12. Hall & Oates
"Lady Rain"
1. Bachman Turner Overdrive
"Blue Collar"
2. Birth Control
"No Shade Is Real"
3. The Guess Who
"Samanthas Living Room"
4. Barrabas
5. Kin Ping Meh
"Come On In"
6. Lucifer's Friend
"Rock 'n' Roll Singer"
7. Jackal
"For You"
8. Karthago
"Wild River"
9. Les Variations
"Help Me Marianne"
10. Ruphus
"Coloured Dreams"
11. Shocking Blue
"Just A Song"
12. The Savage Rose
"Wild Child"