Группа Don And The Goodtimes была сформирована в 1964-м году в Portland, Oregon (USA), когда Don Gallucci покинул The Kingsmen.

Dave CHILDS • bass (ABC)
Don GALLUCI • keyboards (ABCDEF): The Kingsmen
Bob HOLDEN • drums (ABCDEF)
Don McKINNEY • sax, vocals (A)
Pete OULETTE • guitar (A)
Jim VALLEY • guitar (B)
Charlie COE • guitar (CD): Paul Revere and The Raiders
Ron OVERMAN • bass (DEF)
Joey NEWMANN • guitar (E): Touch (Portland) / Blue Mountain Eagle / Stepson
Jeff HAWKS - vocals, guitar (F): Touch (Portland) / Stepson


Turn On Song / Make It (Jerden) 1964
Turn On / Make It (Wand) 1964
Straight Sceptre / There's Something On Your Mind (Wand) 1965
Little Sally Tease / You'll Never Walk Alone (Jerden) 1965
Little Sally Tease / Little Green Thing (Dunhill) 1965
I'll Be Down Forever,'Big Big Knight (Dunhill) 1965
Hey There, Mary Mae / Sweets For My Sweet (Dunhill) 1966
You Were A Child / I Hate To Hate You (Piccadily) 1966
Blue Turns To Grey / I'm Real (Jerden) 1966
You Were A Child / I Hate To Hate You (Jerden) 1966
I Could Be So Good To You / And It's So Good (Epic) 1967
Happy And Me / If You Love Her Cherish Her And Such (Epic) 1967
Sally! (Studio A At 6 O'Clock In The Morning) / Bambii (Epic) 1967
May My Heart Be Cast Into Stone / Ball Of Fire (Epic) 1968
Colors Of Life / You Did It Before (Burdette) 1968

1. (B) WHERE THE ACTION IS (Wand) 1966
2. (F) SO GOOD (Epic) 1967

Don And The Goodtimes / WHERE THE ACTION IS (Wand) 1966 Don And The Goodtimes / SO GOOD (Epic) 1967

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