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Unit 4+2 (UK)
Unit 4+2 (UK)

Unicorn (UK)”


Группа Unit 4+2 (UK) заняла первое место в британском чарте в 1965-м году с песней “Concrete And Clay”.

David MEIKLE • guitar, vocals (AB)
Tommy MOELLER • guitar, vocals (ABC)
Pete MOULES • vocals (ABC)
Brian PARKER • vocals (A)
Howard LUBIN • guitar, vocals (BC)
Rod GARWOOD • bass (C)
Hugh HALLIDAY • drums (C)
Russ BALLARD • guitar (D): The Roulettes / Argent
Robert HENRIT • drums (D): The Roulettes / Argent

The Green Fields / Swing Down Chariot (Decca) 1964
Sorrow And Pain / The Lonely Valley (Decca) 1964
Concrete And Clay / When I Fall In Love (Decca) 1965
(You've) Never Been In Love Like This Before / Tell Somebody You Know (Decca) 1965
Hark / Stop Wasting Your Time (Decca) 1965
You've Got To Be Cruel To Be Kind / I Won't Let You Down (Decca) 1965
Baby Never Say Goodbye / Rainy Day (Decca) 1966
For A Moment / Fables (Decca) 1966
I Was Only Playing Games / I've Seen The Light (Decca) 1966
Too Fast, Too Slow / Booby Trap (Fontana) 1967
Butterfly / A Place To Go (Fontana) 1967
Loving Takes A Little Understanding / Would You Believe What I Say? (Fontana) 1967
You Ain't Goin' Nowhere / So You Want To Be A Blues Player (Fontana) 1968
I Will / 3.30 (Fontana) 1969

(B) UNIT FOUR PLUS TWO (Decca) 1965

1. (B) UNIT FOUR PLUS TWO (Decca) 1965
2. (C) UNIT FOUR PLUS TWO (Fontana) 1969

Unit 4+2 / UNIT FOUR PLUS TWO (Decca) 1965 Unit 4+2 / UNIT FOUR PLUS TWO (Fontana) 1969

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