Bill Kimber And The Couriers (ЮАР) ****

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Бит группа из Южной Африки.


  1. Hippy Hippy Shake/ Trambone (Renown) 1963
  2. I Want To Hold Your Hand/ Green Onions (Renown) 1963
  3. Breathless/ I Love Her So (Renown) 1964
  4. No Particular Place To Go/ Be Mine (Renown) 1964
  5. Take Away/ Done Me Wrong (Renown) 1965


  1. SHAKIN’ UP A STORM (Renown) 1963
  2. SWINGING FASHIONS (Renown) 1964

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  1. I Want To Hold Your Hand (1963) (cover by The Beatles)
  2. Money (1963) (cover by Barrett Strong)
  3. I Wanna Be Your Man (1963) (cover by The Beatles)
  4. Come Home To Me (1964)

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