1969 45: (Polydor)
A: Into The Promised
B: Nobody’s Fault But Mine

Carol Grimes And Delivery

1970 45: (B&C)
Carol Grimes And Delivery
A: Harry Lucky
B: Home Made Ruin
Carol Grimes
Blind To Your Light
Home Made Ruin
We Were Satisfied

Carol Grimes And The Red Price Band

1971 A: I Don’t Wanna Discuss It (B&C)

Uncle Dog

1972 45: (Signpost)
Uncle Dog A: River Road
B: First Night
1972 OLD HAT (Signpost)
[Изображение не найдено]
Old Hat
We’ve Got Time
Mystery Train

Carol Grimes (solo)

1974 45: (Virgin)
Carol Grimes A: You’re The Only One
B: Southern Boogie
1974 WARM BLOOD (Caroline)
Carol Grimes
All For One
Warm Blood
Somebody Sleeping In My Bed

Carol Grimes with London Boogie Band

1974 45: (Goodear)
A: Give It Everthing You’ve Got
B: Let’s Do It Again

Carol Grimes (solo)

1975 45: (Goodear)
Carol Grimes A: Number One (In My Heart)
B: Private Number
1975 45: (Goodear)
Carol Grimes
A: I Betcha Didn’t Know Tha
B: Dynamite
1976 45: (Decca)
Carol Grimes A: I Betcha Didn’t Know That
B: Dynamite
1976 CAROL GRIMES (Decca)
[Изображение не найдено]
You Make My Life

Best Dozen of Carol Grimes (по версии Рокологии)

Плейлист Carol Grimes

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# Треки С кем
1. Into The Promised Babylon 1969
2. Harry Lucky Carol Grimes And Delivery 1970
3. Blind To Your Light Carol Grimes And Delivery 1970
4. Home Made Ruin Carol Grimes And Delivery 1970
5. We’ve Got Time Uncle Dog 1972
6. Mystery Train Uncle Dog 1972
7. All For One Carol Grimes 1974
8. Warm Blood Carol Grimes 1974
9. Somebody Sleeping In My Bed Carol Grimes 1974
10. Southern Boogie Carol Grimes 1974
11. I Betcha Didn’t Know That Carol Grimes 1975
12. You Make My Life Carol Grimes 1976



Lou Rich and Carol Grimes for a band called Babylon, 1969

113 St. Stevens Gardens. A Larry Smart mandala behind Carol Grimes on the wall. That one room was living eating baby raising and studio. Busy, 1968

Uncle Dog in a field in Suffolk England. Photo Guy Cross. Sam in the middle. From left back Phillip Crooks, John Porter, John Pearson, Carol and Honk, 1972

Grimes and the London Boogie Band, 1976