1. Nazareth
"You’re The Violin"
2. Bad Company
"Simple Man"
3. The Arrows
"First Hit"
4. Camel
"Air Born"
5. Back Street Crawler
"Blue Soul"
6. Decameron
"Tomorrow’s Pantomime"
7. Eric Clapton
"Sign Language"
8. Medicine Head
"Over You"
9. Genesis
10. T.Rex
"Life’s An Elevator"
11. Thin Lizzy
"Fight Or Fall"
12. Black Sabbath
"She’s Gone"
1. Styx
2. Alice Cooper
"I Never Cry"
3. ZZ Top
"Asleep In The Desert"
4. Diamond Reo
"All Over You"
5. Eagles
"Hotel California"
6. Galaxy
"Everybody Down"
7. Grand Funk Railroad
8. Kansas
"What’s On My Mind"
9. KGB
"Workin’ For The Children"
10. Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Gimme Back My Bullets"
11. Bob Dylan
"One More Cup Of Coffee"
12. Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
"Come To Poppa"
1. Livin’ Blues
"Black Jack Billy"
2. Sahara
"Flying Dancer"
3. Moxy
"Take It Or Leave It"
4. Triumph
"Don’t Take My Life"
5. Wireless
"Lovin’ In Return"
6. Socrates
7. Improved Sound Limited
"If I Could Read Her Mind"
8. Golden Earring
9. Scorpions
"In Trance"
10. El Shalom
"In The House Of Blue Light"
11. Symphonic Slam
"Modane Train"
12. Triumvirat
"Old Loves Die Hard"