1. Slade
"Far Far Away"
2. 10cc
"The Wall Street Shuffle"
3. Badfinger
"My Heart Goes Out"
4. Deep Purple
"Soldier Of Fortune"
5. Genesis
6. Marc Bolan & T.Rex
7. Snafu
"Long Gone"
8. Sparks
"This Town Ain’t Big Enough For Both Of Us"
9. Stray Dog
"Dreams & Junk"
10. Ten Years After
"Positive Vibrations"
11. Three Man Army
"Space Is The Place"
12. Nazareth
"Loved And Lost"
1. Kansas
"Can I Tell You"
2. Aerosmith
3. Blood, Sweat & Tears
"Are You Satisfied"
4. Grand Funk
"Bad Time"
5. Jo Jo Gunne
"I’m Your Shoe"
6. Styx
"Golden Lark"
7. The Butts Band
"Sweet Danger"
8. Tom Fogerty
"What About Tomorrow"
9. Chicago
"Song Of The Evergreens"
10. Bob Dylan
"Going, Going, Gone"
11. Lynyrd Skynyrd
"Simple Man"
12. Neil Merryweather
"King Of Mars"
1. Hurriganes
"It Ain’t What You Do"
2. Ariel
"And If It Wasn’t For You"
3. Cobraa
"She Understands"
4. Epitaph
"Big City"
5. Epsilon
"Behind The Border"
6. Leonard Cohen
"Who By Fire"
7. Midnight Sun
"How I Love You"
8. Neon Rose
9. Percewood’s Onagram
"Cause Me Pain"
10. Scorpions
"Fly People Fly"
11. The Guess Who
"Clap For The Wolfman"
12. Shocking Blue
"My Life"