1. Slade
"Look Wot You Dun"
2. Budgie
"Rolling Home Again"
3. Black Sabbath
4. Deep Purple
"Maybe I'm A Leo"
5. David Bowie
6. Emerson, Lake & Palmer
"From The Beginning"
7. Joe Cocker
"Woman To Woman"
8. Gilbert O'Sullivan
"Alone Again (Naturally)"
9. Osibisa
"Do You Know"
10. Mott The Hoople
"Ready For Love / After Lights"
11. Uriah Heep
"Blind Eye"
1. The Eagles
"Take It Easy"
1. The Eagles
"Take It Easy"
2. Alice Cooper
"Blue Turk"
3. Arthur Lee
"Everybody's Gotta Live"
4. Bolder Damn
"Got That Feeling"
5. Goodthunder
"Rollin Up My Mind"
6. White Witch
"Help Me Lord"
7. Neil Young
"Heart Of Gold"
8. Ramatam
"What Dream I Am"
9. The Allman Brothers Band
"One Way Out"
11. The Doors
"The Piano Bird"
11. Grand Funk Railroad
"People, Let's Stop The War"
12. Don McLean
1. Kalevala
"Lady With The Veil"
2. Percewood's Onagram
"Doing It"
3. Amish
"Black Lace Woman"
4. Ertlif
"You're Nothing At All"
5. Fleur De Lis
6. Frame
"Childrens Freedom"
7. Jeronimo
"To Be Alone"
8. Livin' Blues
"Keep On"
9. Midnight Circus
"Mr. Clown"
10. Scorpions
"In Heritance"
11. Shocking Blue
"Never Release The One You Love"
12. Sandy Coast