1. Juicy Lucy
"Midnight Sun"
2. Aubrey Small
3. Deep Purple
"Anyone's Daughter"
4. Dear Mr. Time
"A Prayer For Her"
5. T.Rex
6. Rory Gallagher
"For The Last Time"
7. The Kinks
8. Uriah Heep
"Lady In Black"
9. Yes
"Long Distance Runaround"
10. Accolade
"William Taplin"
11. Led Zeppelin
"Stairway To Heaven"
12. The Rolling Stones
"Sister Morphine"
1. The Doors
"Love Her Madly"
2. MU
"Nobody Wants To Shine"
3. Alice Cooper
"I'm Eighteen"
4. Mountain
"Nantucket Sleighride"
5. Fanny
"Place In The Country"
6. Quicksilver Messenger Service
7. Santana
8. Three Dog Night
"An Old Fashioned Love Song"
9. ZZ Top
"Goin' Down To Mexico"
10. Whalefeathers
"Pretty Woman"
11. Grand Funk Railroad
"People, Let's Stop The War"
12. America
"A Horse With No Name"
1. Birth Control
"The Work Is Done"
2. Cosmic Dealer
"The Fly"
3. Shocking Blue
"The Bird Of Paradise"
4. Earth & Fire
5. Epitaph
6. Irish Coffee
"The Show"Part 1"
7. Blackfeather
"Seasons Of Change Part 1"
8. Laghonia
"I'm A Nigger"
9. Mashmakhan
"The Family"
10. Samurai
"Same Old Reason"
11. Sandy Coast
"True Love That's A Wonder"
12. The Band
"The Moon Struck One"