1. Fotheringay
"The Way I Feel"
2. Black Sabbath
"Behind The Wall Of Sleep"
3. Cressida
"Home And Where I Long To Be"
4. Badfinger
"Without You"
5. Deep Purple
"Black Night"
6. Jethro Tull
"Sossity, You're A Woman"
7. Cat Stevens
"Lady D'Arbanville"
8. Led Zeppelin
9. Savoy Brown
"A Hard Way To Go"
10. Stray
"Yesterdays Promises"
11. Free
"Fire And Water"
12. George Harrison
"My Sweet Lord"
1. Iron Butterfly
"Soldier In Our Town"
2. Bread
"Call On Me"
3. Chicago
"Colour My World"
4. Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Run Through The Jungle"
5. Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
"Almost Cut My Hair"
6. Janis Joplin & The Full Tilt Boogie Band
"Move Over"
7. Parish Hall
"How Can You Win"
8. Steppenwolf
"Foggy Mental Breakdown"
9. Mountain
"For Yasgur's Farm"
10. The Doors
"Maggie M'Gill"
11. Wildweeds
"And When She Smiles"
12. Bob Dylan
"The Boxer"
1. Gerardo Manuel & Humo
"Looking For Tomorrow"
2. Krokodil
"Light Of Day"
3. Circus 2000
"Can't Believe"
4.Golden Earring
"Yellow And Blue"
5. Jeronimo
6. Odmenn
"It Takes Love"
7. Q'65
"There Was A Day"
8. Sandy Coast
"The Way I Feel About You"
9. Warpig
10. Shocking Blue
"Daemon Lover"
11. Traffic Sound
"The Days Have Gone"
12. The Guess Who
"American Woman"