1. Cream
"What A Bringdown"
2. Argent
3. David Bowie
"Space Oddity"
4. Cupid's Inspiration
"Sweet Music"
5. Deep Purple
6. Arcadium
"Change Me"
7. Fairport Convention
"Genesis Hall"
8. Led Zeppelin
"Whole Lotta Love"[/gn_column]
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9. Fleetwood Mac
"Before The Beginning"
10. Jethro Tull
"Nothing Is Easy"
11. Rare Bird
12. Procol Harum
1. Creedence Clearwater Revival
"Green River"
2. Bread
"Look At Me"
3. Coven
"White Witch Of Rose Hall"
4. West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band
"Give Me Your Lovething"
5. Grand Funk Railroad
"Anybody's Answer"
6. Strawberry Alarm Clock
7. Orpheus
"May I Look At You"
8. The Holy Ghost Reception Committee No. 9
"What Do You Ask Of Me"
9. The Youngbloods
"Darkness, Darkness"
10. Liquid Smoke
"I Who Have Nothimg"
11. The Rooks
"Free Sunday Paper"
12. Colours
"Run Away From Here"
1. Beefeaters
"You Changed My Way Of Living"
2. Brainbox
"Scarborough Fair"
3. Golden Earring
"High In The Sky"
4. Krokodil
"All Alone"
5. Percewood's Onagram
"I've Got My Woman"
6. Shocking Blue
"Wild Wind"
7. Pugh's Place
"Give Me Good Muisc"
8. Sandy Coast
"North Canadian Paradise"
9. The Savage Rose
"The Castle"
10. Zen
"Wayfaring Stranger"
11. Leonard Cohen
"The Partisan"
12. Trubrot