Chicken Shack

1968 45: (Blue Horizon)
The Chicken Shack
A: It’s OK With Me Baby
B: When My Left Eye Jumps
1968 45: (Blue Horizon)
Chicken Shack A: Worried About My Woman
B: Six Nights In Seven
1968 45: (Blue Horizon)
Chicken Shack A: When The Train Comes Back
B: Hey Baby
[Изображение не найдено]
When The Train Comes Back
You Ain’t No Good
1969 O.K. KEN? (Blue Horizon)
[Изображение не найдено]
A Woman Is The Blues

Fleetwood Mac

1968 MR. WONDERFUL (Blue Horizon)
Fleetwood Mac First Fleetwood Mac album to feature Christine McVie as a session musician. According to Mike Vernon, Christine played piano on all of Peter Green’s songs.
1969 THEN PLAY ON (Reprise)
Fleetwood Mac Christine McVie featured as a session musician on this album. Although piano appears on a few of the tracks it is not clear if it was played by Christine or Jeremy. Christine has said she contributed background vocals to the album.
1970 KILN HOUSE (Reprise)
Fleetwood Mac Christine McVie created the album art and duetted vocals with Danny Kirwan on “Station Man” (uncredited but audible).
Station Man

Christine McVie (Perfect) (solo)

1969 45: (Blue Horizon)
Christine Perfect A: When You Say
B: No Road Is The Right Road
1969 45: (Epic) (USA)
Christine Perfect A: I’d Rather Go Blind
B: Get Like You Used To Be
1970 45: (Blue Horizon)
Christine Perfect A: I’m Too Far Gone (To Turn Around)
B: Close To Me
1970 CHRISTINE PERFECT (Blue Horizon)
[Изображение не найдено]
Crazy ‘Bout You
I’m On My Way
Wait And See
1971 45: (Blue Horizon) (USA)
A: I’d Rather Go Blind
B: Close To Me

Fleetwood Mac

1971 45: (Blue Horizon)
Fleetwood Mac
A: Dragonfly
B: The Purple Dancer
1971 FUTURE GAMES (Reprise)
Fleetwood Mac
Morning Rain
Show Me A Smile
1972 BARE TREES (Reprise)
Fleetwood Mac
Homeward Bound
Spare Me A Little Of Your Love
1973 PENGUIN (Reprise)
Fleetwood Mac
Remember Me
Did You Ever Love Me
1973 MYSTERY TO ME (Reprise)
Fleetwood Mac
Keep On Going
The Way I Feel
Fleetwood Mac
Heroes Are Hard To Find
Prove Your Love
1975 FLEETWOOD MAC (Reprise)
Fleetwood Mac
Warm Ways
Over My Head
Say You Love Me
1977 RUMOURS (Warner Bros)
Oh Daddy

Best Dozen of Christine McVie (по версии Рокологии)

Плейлист Christine McVie
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# Треки С кем
1. It’s OK With Me Baby Chicken Shack 1968
2. When The Train Comes Back Chicken Shack 1968
3. Crazy ‘Bout You Christine Perfect 1970
4. I’m On My Way Christine Perfect 1970
5. Wait And See Christine Perfect 1970
6. Dragonfly Fleetwood Mac 1971
7. Show Me A Smile Fleetwood Mac 1971
8. Homeward Bound Fleetwood Mac 1972
9. Keep On Going Fleetwood Mac 1973
10. Prove Your Love Fleetwood Mac 1974
11. Over My Head Fleetwood Mac 1975
12. Oh Daddy Fleetwood Mac 1977